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Our Patients say...

Low Back Pain

For months I had severe lower back pain. I was not able to sleep on my back. It was very painful to turn from side to side in bed.

Rising from a chair or sitting down was very difficult. No longer  could I play golf. I told I had severe arthritis and sciatica. Finally I contacted O Haeng  Acupuncture in murrieta city. After 12 treatments I am able to resume my normal activities. I am nearly pain free. It seems like a miracle to me.


- Rachel

Pain after Ankle joint replacement

Years ago, I had a roller skate accident and since that time I have struggle with my left ankle. A couple years ago I had a total ankle joint replacement & still was having pain. I spoke with my Ortho Doctor and she told me I could try Acupuncture. Several weeks ago I was so desperate because I had so much pain in my ankle I picked up the phone and I called Dr.Shim. Dr.Shim has been treating my ankle and I can say with all honesty that I'm almost pain free. I recommend Dr. Shim. He is excellent Doctor.

- Connie O


40680 California Oaks Rd#2D

Murrieta, CA92562

Lost 6 sizes

When I came for the first time I was a size 18 and after two months of coming two times a weak I lost 6 sizes and I also don't feel as tired as before I feel great. The more I come the more I feel my jeans bigger.


Headaches, TMJ and Bladder urgency

I was reffered to Dr. Seong Uk Shim at O Haeng Acupuncture by a friend who went to him for severe back and knee pain. I was so impressed by the pain relief Dr. Shim's acupuncture treatment provided for him, that I made an appointment for myself. I was suffering from headaches, TMJ and bladder urgency. From the moment I met Dr. Shim, I was impressed by his professionalism and calm manner. He listened attentively and explained the process to me. I felt immediate relief on my first visit and steadily improved under his care. I was amazed at how much he helped me in just a few weeks.

I have every confidence in Dr. Shim and I highly recommend him to anyone for pain relief. Iam so grateful for the quality of life he restored to me.


        - C. Cook

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